Recalling the First Day of 2017 (from Tumblr)

*This post was first published on a different blog in January 2017.

(I love this view although we did not walk in that direction.)

My head is not in the game. It’s hurting and exploding because there were too much to be sorted into a “Core Memory” sphere from this trip to Munich and its surroundings. Somehow, preserving the details, if not the essence of this journey, has become quite a mission itself. I have been distracted in the last 48 hours since being interviewed by a harsh Officer at the Customs and missing the bus from Terminal 1 to the “Airport” car park, but here I go. (Cerebral synapses almost 1% translated into verbal format, synced with the computer hence offloaded so far)


The calmness throughout this journey transformed into emotional waves towards its final 24 hours, but the initial reception and engagement was homelike and further brightened up by Theo’s thoughtful hot chocolate and apple pie. Little did we know that we must rely on those plus a sandwich/ Wurstbrot to ascend 5,577’ on the first day of 2017. Half way up the first Hutte I thought, that nice peak over there was great for viewing…

My legs were shaking in the last 30-45 minutes, although our heart rate did not spike accordingly. We made it out of the woods in pitch darkness thanks to the really obviously laid out paths and phone flashlights. The 4 ¼ hour planned journey took me 7 hours and would have taken her less with her feet of iron. With access to the Internet, we had the luxury of hopping on and off buses whenever we wanted to in order to find a restaurant to alleviate blood glucose depletion. I was most surprised by how frequently buses were running even though on New Year Day, the small towns en route appeared as quiet and peaceful as on a Christmas Eve. We will have to visit Tegernsee Lake for its beauty in daylight another time.

Tumblr blogs were all glamorous and shiny but I just hope this is my attempt to keep something for myself for future reference.  I hope that, like recording dreams, the sooner I continue writing the less I will forget about this last week, because there was definitely something in there revealing itself to me but I just haven’t quite given it shapes or forms yet.

(Cerebral synapses now almost 10% translated into verbal format, synced with the computer hence offloaded)


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